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Northern Coast

Or more specifically, the northeastern portion of the Illyrian Empire, which can be divided, roughly speaking, into two seperate areas depicted above.  The northern area is less densely populated, and has to deal with problems from orcs living farther to the west, along the coastline and islands of Soulfreeze Bay.

The southern area is still northern, but is much more temperate and is starting to get into the heartland of the Illyrian Empire.

The Last Northern Wood is composed of three seperate forests; the easternmost of these forest, while also considered to be part of The Last Northern Wood, is also called the Lorthwood.

The Duchy of Cavens is a small independent state that is run by a joint council of paladins.

Northshore is the main trading town on the northern shore of The Sea of Peace.

Freeport is the second or third largest city in the Illyrian Empire, and the main trading city on The Sea of Peace.  A major traderoad runs east from Freeport to the city of Illyria.

Illyria is the largest city and the capital of the Illyrian Empire.

Saltpens, so named due to the salt mines in hill south of the town.  They are loyal Illyrians and are mostly immigrants from the Illyrian heartlands.

Lorthar is a small town, but it is still the largest Illyrian presence this far north.  Ruled by the Lorthar family, who were kings of the area here and extending east along Soulfreeze Bay, they are now part of the Illyrian Empire.  The heir to Lorthar and his wife were on campaign against the orc tribes to the east when his army was ambushed and, and they were both killed. Since then, Lorthar has been ruled by a regency, that has resulted in closer direct imperial control over the region, which has caused tensions.

Darlorthar is the secondary town in the northern area, they were once vassels of the old Lorthar kings, and are still smaller and subservient to them, but they are also part of the Illyrian Empire.  Darlortharians have a sizable minority that chafed under Lortharian control and thus are pro-Illyrian, but plenty more are still more locally loyal.

Lorthar and Darlorthar have original ethnic populations of humans native to the north, and are a distinctly different group than the common Illyrian.  They still maintain some of their old cultures, and are relatively un-assimilated into the Illyrian Empire despite their relative proximity to the center of the empire.


Cadderly’s Pride

Cadderly’s Pride is the largest Illyrian city located along the shore of the Turbulent Sea.  It is located along the banks of the Cadder River, roughly halfway in between the north edges of the Great Southern Swamp, and the Elfwood.

It is the seat of power for Lord Cadderly, whose ancestors founded the city.  Lord Cadderly rules most of the surrounding lands and all Illyrian lands bordering the Turbulent Sea.  It is a decent sized city with a population of over 5,000.  Fishing and trading are the primary industries for Cadderly’s Pride.

Physically, the city is located on both sides of the Cadder River.  Citizens cross over from the differnt sides of the town using two large stonework bridges that meet in the middle of the Cadder River on Cadder Island.  Cadder Island is the economic heart of Cadderly’s Pride and is the location of the majority of the city’s merchants, in addition to being the recieving point for many of Cadderly’s Pride’s fishing and trading ships.  Since the bridges are too low to allow passage by larger boats, most boats have to dock out on the Turbulent Sea, and travel up the Cadder River is restricted to barges, riverboats and the like.

The head priest of the Imperial Cult is Protector Halfgrim.  He’s an easygoing fellow from the city of Illyria, and spends most of his time discussing trade matters and the state of the weather.  Due to Cadderly’s Pride’s position along the coast, in addition to worship of the Divine Emperor, the people of Cadderly’s Pride also worship Otherin, a god of water and oceans.  Like most gods in the Illyrian pantheon, Otherin was the main god worshipped by the people of Cadderly’s Pride before being conquered and assimilated into the Illyrian Empire.

Nearby notable towns that support and fall under the influence of Cadderly’s Pride include Silverton, site of an old silver mine that has dried up, and Novascore, the last major Illyrian military outpost before reaching the Elfwood.