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Campaign World Overview!

I haven’t spoken much about the larger world of my campaign setting.  Part of this is to make sure my players, who read this blog, don’t get access to GM only information, part of it is that I have been settling details down in my mind before I put them to paper, or, in this case, screen.

The world I run is called Aardsham.  The majority of land on Aardsham is located in roughly a starburst pattern around an inner ocean called the Turbulent Ocean.  The largest continent is called Jazkabra.  The world is round, so it is possible to sail from one end and reach the other, but as Aardsham is roughly the size of Earth, and Jazkabra and the nearby islands make up a mass of land roughly the 150% the size of Africa, there is a lot of water to sail through.

Aardsham orbits a yellow star called Koranar quite similar to Sol.  It has one moon, roughly the same size as ours but closer, so it appears about half again as large as our own.  Although Aaardsham has a climate quite similar to Earth’s, Jazkarba is located in the northern hemisphere, and so they only have sub-artic zones in the northern reaches of the continent.

There are three other planets in the Koranar system. They are called Wahd, Ithin, and Thala.